Business Immigration for Entrepreneurs and Investors


A feasibility study—sometimes called a feasibility analysis or feasibility report—is a way to evaluate whether your project could be successful or not in the U.S.A.


For immigration and visa purposes: 100% approval rate with fully USCIS compliant E-2 and EB-5 visa business plans. Introduction to highly successful immigration lawyers (100% visa approval rate) with extensive experience in obtaining green cards.

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U.S. Entity Set Up

Launch your US company 100% remotely from anywhere with our all-in-one incorporation services.

  • Incorporation filing

  • Obtain a Federal Tax ID number / Employer Identification Number (EIN)

  • Open your company’s US bank account

  • Virtual office with physical address and mail forwarding

  • Offices, retail, or industrial properties for lease

  • HR, payroll & recruiting, and multicultural training.
  • Tax & accounting
  • IP, legal & compliance
  • Business insurance

Create a business plan
Get funding
Pick a location
Choose your business structure


Register your business
Obtain your Federal Tax ID number
Get the permits and licenses your need
Purchase business insurance


HR & Recruiting
Tax & Accounting
Sales & Marketing
Legal & Compliance

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Let’s work on your project together

Marketing & Sales

  • Professional translation services

  • Americanization of your brand

  • Specialized marketing and PR to target your audience

  • Identification of go-to-market partners and distributors

  • Online Marketing and Digital Media in the US

  • Sales’s preparation with polished pitch and clear story

  • Planning and participating in trade missions and tradeshows

  • Foreign direct investment and industry trade groups representation

  • Direct hiring to establish or expand your American sales or physical presence

Multicultural training to communicate effectively and build better relationships


Sometimes it can be difficult to read American people and to understand if what they are saying is what they are feeling. Learning a language and understanding a culture will make it a lot easier for you to get by and be able to seize opportunities.

This is why we offer cross-cultural training to leverage cultural differences for the good of your business and your employees. We give you the tools to bridge cultural gaps so you can adapt to different situations, improve your communication and as a result have more success with your colleagues, partners, and clients.

Accelerate your growth with fractional executives


To enter the US market you will need immediate insights and expertise guidance to take your business to the next level, from raising capital, maximizing cash, improving process and profitability, getting your clients…

Yet, you may not have the budget to hire C-suite executives on a full-time basis. The solution is hiring a fractional executive and only pay what you need.

  • can be hired quickly

  • offer flexibility

  • deliver short and long term solutions

  • are affordable and save you money at a time when every dollar counts

  • are focused on getting the job done with limited time

  • allow you to hire a wider breadth of team members

  • fill the experience gaps in your team

  • and you learn from them

Through our pre-checked partners, we can assist you with temporary executive management including CEO, CFO, COO, CMO, CTO, and General Counsel.

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Concierge Services

Make a smooth transition to your new American life

We understand that coming to the US is a family project. This is why we want to make sure that every member adjust to their new life in the United States, in particular the accompanying unemployed spouse/partner who sometimes has the most adjusting to do.

  • Home finding Assessing home criteria and  how to search
  • Neighborhood choice
  • School guidance

  • Credit score advice
  • Documentation & ID requirements for renting

  • Home purchase and connection to a licensed real estate agent
  • Mortgage assistance

  • Cultural training

  • Language training
  • Spousal employment assistance
  • Social life and networking