Bastille Day Parisian Soirée 2023

Bastille Bash

Parisian Soiree: An Evening of French Delights

Frenchly Yours

Frenchly Yours fosters cultural and business connections between California and France. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these two communities, fostering cultural understanding and collaboration. Whether you seek practical resources or meaningful relationships, Frenchly Yours is the ultimate platform for unlocking the potential of Franco-American connections.

For the French

Frenchly Yours provides a valuable network with access to logistical support, local expertise, and business resources. It offers a platform for French individuals and businesses to connect, collaborate, and leverage their strengths in California.

For Americans

Frenchly Yours offers a gateway to a deeper understanding of the French mindset and culture, leading to improved outcomes in business ventures. It enables American professionals to connect with and learn from their French counterparts, fostering meaningful exchanges and facilitating successful partnerships.

“Last year's event organized by Victoire Auguste-Dormeuil was so fun and meaningful! It was such a thoughtful way to bring the French and American business communities together. I'm sure this year celebration is going to be just as great!.”

Stephanie, Hoi-Nga Wong - Wellness Coach for Burned-Out Parents, Ex-Bloomberg Journalist

“Victoire Auguste-Dormeuil I would say that beyond the fact that you did it, it is above all that you left your mark on that first Bastille Day event in Orange County, where beyond the French tradition, in the end we celebrated the French-American and American-French friendship...
In a time, where polarization is the only thing that is perceived in people's minds, you gave us a break and we enjoyed as never before the gastronomy (Claudine Marshall), the art and sustainability (Maëlys Renaud) and also incredible gifts with those draws.
Thanks to the French Consulate (Julie Duhaut-Bedos) for accompanying this event with her presence and recognizing you for this effort.
Merci encore Victoire pour ce moment si unique!!!”

Yann Hedoux - C.E.O. FALCK USA

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