Dear French entrepreneurs,

We are delighted to announce excellent news that brings new opportunities for those of you who wish to invest and establish yourselves in the United States. During his recent visit to the United States on May 18th and 19th, the French Minister of Interior, Gérald Darmanin, announced that the U.S. administration is ready to extend the validity of E1 to E2 visas from 25 to 48 months for French entrepreneurs and investors.

This extension of the E1 to E2 visa duration is a direct result of months of collaboration with the relevant authorities, following the state visit of the French President to Washington in December 2022 and the recent 6th edition of “Choose France,” where €13 billion of investments were raised. This decision offers French entrepreneurs an extended period to develop their businesses and realize their projects in the United States.

According to the press release from Christopher Weissberg, the representative for French citizens in North America, the extension of E visa validity is expected to take effect in the coming weeks, following the formalization of the agreement between the two parties. Additionally, the French administration has committed to establishing a dedicated channel to facilitate the granting and renewal of visas for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

This announcement further enhances the appeal of the United States as a preferred destination for French entrepreneurs. The economic benefits and business opportunities offered by the American market are now even more accessible with the extension of E1 to E2 visa duration. You will have more time to develop your projects, establish strong partnerships, and take advantage of the dynamic entrepreneurial environment in the United States.

Our company is here to support you throughout this process. We offer our expertise and a network of qualified professionals to assist you in navigating administrative procedures and maximizing your chances of success in your entrepreneurial venture in the United States.

Do not miss out on this unique opportunity to realize your projects in the United States. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help you fully leverage the extension of E1 to E2 visa duration.

Your entrepreneurial success starts here!

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Victoire Auguste-Dormeuil