Simplification of the visa granting process and extension of the duration ?

President Macron’s visit brought to the table the issue of investor visas, E2 visas in particular. Currently, French citizens can obtain an E2 investor visa for the US for a maximum period of 25 months as opposed to 60 months previously. As a reminder, all other countries in the Schengen area benefit from a validity period of 5 years.

“With a view to further enhancing their bilateral trade and investment relationship, they intend to hold discussions on reciprocal facilitation of visa issuance and renewal, and authorizations of stay.” –  Joint statement from President Biden and President Macron

Following the recent joint statement made by President Macron and President Biden on the facilitation of visa issuance and renewal, investing in the USA seams to be far more appealing!

The reasons that make the United States an attractive country are numerous:

  • The United States is the largest unified market

  • It has a large and wealthy consumer market

  • The rule of law system in the United States sets the rules of the game for doing business and creates a stable environment

  • The United States is the country of entrepreneurship par excellence

  • The US economy “continues to be resilient” to use the words of Joe Biden

  • The U.S. could attract even more foreign investment in 2023, in particular thanks to the IRA, Joe Biden’s anti-inflation plan

President Joe Biden and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron

Photos Susan Walsh | AP Photo